Welcome to Grant and Contract Accounting

The Office of Grant & Contract Accounting is here to help you with your grant & contract, affiliation agreement and foundation needs. Our office is your liaison to the NMSU Office of Grants & Contracts (OGC) and Sponsored Projects Accounting (SPA).

Grant & Contract policy and procedures

Pre Award

There is a protocol for submitting grant and contract proposals; this also applies if DACC is the sub-recipient. If you are pursuing funding on behalf of DACC, we have a designated approval, submittal and central review process. In general, the grant application process includes the following steps:

1.   Locate a potential grant funding source. A good way to get started in finding a grant is to use the NMSU GRID database at http://grid.research.nmsu.edu/login.php. This is updated regularly and is an excellent resource. Other resources include http://www.grants.gov and http://www.nsf.gov to name a few.

2.   Develop a grant proposal concept. Contact Kristi Martin at 528-7059, she will guide you on the process.

3.   Development of Proposal. Please prepare forms A,B,C and D following the instructions provided on each form.

Please note any proposal submitted without going through the proper channels will not be honored by DACC.

DACC Business Office of Grants & Contracts requires fourteen (14) working days to review the grant. NMSU OGC always submits the grant to the funding agency.

NMSU is the signature authority for all grants and contracts.

Post Award

1.   Notification. Normally, the Principal Investigator (PI) along with NMSU Office of Grants & Contracts will be notified whether or not the proposal was awarded.

2.   New Index/Fund Request. When the award is received, DACC Grant & Contract Accounting will submit the New Index/Fund Request to get a new index/fund number. This takes about a week for processing. Once the index/fund has been created, our office will notify the PI of the new index/fund number.

3.   Monthly expense monitoring. DACC Grant & Contract Accounting will monitor the expenses on a monthly basis. A monthly budget vs expense report, showing encumbrances, will be sent to the PI to allow him/her to review the budget.

Questions regarding whether expenses are allowable should be directed to Nancy Tinajero.

External budget revision requests will be prepared by Nancy Tinajero and submitted to the agency and/or through the NMSU Office of Grants and Contracts.

Your input is very important to us! If you have a suggestion to improve this web page or have a question, please contact Nancy Tinajero at ntinajero@nmsu.edu.