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Purchase Orders

DACC Purchasing Cycle

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  • A staff/faculty member identifies a buying need.
  • The staff/faculty member identifies sources and obtains procurement descriptions for specifications.
  • Conduct solicitation for purchase by means of obtaining a quote for the purchase.
    • One (1) written quote is needed for any purchases made in the amount equal to or greater than $3,000 but less than $20,000.
    • Three (3) quotes are needed for purchases made of equal or greater than $20,000 but less than $60,000.
    • A single purchase in an amount equal to or greater than $60.000 shall be made only after notice that sealed bids and/or proposals will be received; unless the purchase meets the sole source justification requirements.
      • An invitation to Bid or Request for Proposals will be sent to qualified vendors selected by the Central Purchasing Office (CPO). Departments may suggest additional sources. The department will be notified of the date, time, and location of bid opening. After the bid opening, the CPO will indicate the responsibe bidders and a copy will be forwarded to the requesting department for review. If the lowest bid is rejected, the department must state in writing why the bid did not meet specifications and recommend whether to accept the next lowest bid or to reject all bids and re-bid. If no bids were received, or the bids received were rejected, the CPO will re-advertise and solicit bids and additional time. If after the re-bid no bids were received or the re-advertised bids are also unacceptable, the CPO may negotiate the required procurement on the open market. Official bid responses must NOT be altered in any way, and all original documentation must be returned to the CPO.
  • Business office creates requisiton in accordance with the University's guidelines and bidding thresholds and is routed for signatures.
  • The purchase requisition travels electronically through the DACC's approval process to the VP for Business and Finance, Accounting and the NMSU Fiscal Monitor.
  • The CPO Purchasing Agent must justifiy the source and the prices and also for determing the validity of any sole source justification.
  • The Purchase Order is approved and released and sent to the Business Office.
  • The Purchase Order is sent to the supplier and purchase is made.
    • If Purchase is under $3,000 the DACC requesting department will make the purchase not CPO.
  • The product or service is delivered to the requester.
  • Receiving documentation is sent to the Business Office in Room 114L if physical merchandise is received.
  • An invoice is sent to Accounts Payable and payment is issued.


*** Before you can use create an Internal Purchasing Requistion you need to make sure the vendor has an active Banner Identification number. If they don't the vendor must fill out a vendor questionnaire and the University Purchasing office will review it and input the data to generate a Banner ID.