Readmission Requirements

readmission requirementsFormer DACC and NMSU (includes Alamogordo, Carlsbad & Grants campuses) students who have been out of school for more than 12 months before re-entering are required to complete another application for readmission.  A student who has attended other educational institutions during an absence from DACC/NMSU must have official transcripts sent directly to the DACC Admissions Office by each institution and must be eligible to return to that college or university last attended.  Transcripts must be received prior to the date of registration.  Admission status at the time of readmission will normally be determined by previous DACC/NMSU academic standing.  However, academic performance at other institutions attended during the applicant’s absence from DACC/NMSU will be taken into consideration in determining the student’s academic readmission status.


Application Process

Follow these procedures when applying for readmission to any Academic Program at Doña Ana Community College.

1.  Complete the undergraduate admission application ONLINEYou will be directed to New Mexico State University’s application website. Be sure to choose “Doña Ana” in the section“Campus Where You Plan To Enroll.”  Submitting your online application is a one-time option and you will not be able to re-submit it for any future terms of enrollment.  If you previously applied online please download and print the admission application (PDF) HERE.

2.  If applicable, request all official college transcripts from each educational institution you attended during your absence.  All official transcripts must be mailed directly to DACC Office of Admissions by the records/registrar’s office of the issuing institution(s).  If your college/university is able to send official transcripts electronically, we will accept them through eSCRIP-SAFE as long as your school is a member SENDER.  DACC does not accept transcripts sent or carried in hand by applicants themselves or transmitted by fax.  DACC requires an English translation of all foreign-language transcripts.

Next 10 Steps to Enrollment for Readmitted Students

Now that you have been readmitted to DACC, what are your next steps?  First you will need to re-activate your student account by visiting MyNMSU.  You will need your AGGIE ID# (800-**-****) which is located on your acceptance letter and your date of birth to establish your account.  Once you have completed the process, click here for next 10 steps to enrollment.


All required documents and fee must be sent to:

Office of Admissions

Doña Ana Community College
MSC – 3DA, PO Box 30001
2800 N Sonoma Ranch Blvd
Las Cruces, NM  88003-8001
Toll Free:  1.800.903.7503
Direct:  575.527.7710
Fax:  575.527.7763