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Dual Credit - Start Your Education Early!
Get a jump start on college and take classes at DACC, tuition free!

What is Dual Credit?
Dual credit is a statewide program for eligible high school students who want to explore college courses while receiving high school elective credit. In most cases, the college courses and books are FREE to students.
Students do not pay for tuition or textbooks while taking classes. They do pay for their own supplies, protective apparel, and tool sets. They may also be responsible for certain other applicable fees such as lab fees or specific course fees.

Why Should You Consider Dual Credit?

Benefits of taking Dual Credit classes at Doña Ana Community College:
• Earn college credits tuition free
• Be successful and build confidence in a college-class environment
• Learn what to expect from college
• Reduce the cost of your college education
• Potentially earn a certificate or more at the college level
• Explore college majors and possible careers
• Enjoy smaller classes and personalized attention from faculty
• Enrich your life by exploring programs not available at your high school
• Earn Elective Credits at the Same Time
• Allows easier transition to college

Who Qualifies?
Juniors and seniors at any high school district or charter high school we partner with can qualify.

What else should I know?
If you think you are interested in dual credit and meet the eligibility requirements, discuss the following with your high school counselor and parent (or guardian) prior to enrolling:

You can take courses that are on the approved course list (see below) with your high school district.
• For every three credit (3) DACC course taken, you accumulate one (1) high school elective credit.
• Dual credit students are not eligible for financial aid as they are admitted as a non-degree student. However, if you do not pass your classes or recieve a "W" for any of your classes, this can affect possible financial aid in the future.
• Dual Credit students cannot take developmental courses or audit courses.
• DACC's academic calendar starts and ends at different dates than high school calendars, however, you are required to attend DACC courses even if your high school is not in session for a particular day.
• Grades earned through dual credit enrollment become part of your permanent academic record at your high school, DACC and NMSU, and most other post-secondary institutions you attend.
• In most cases, you must provide your own transportation to and from the DACC campus. If you park a car at the DACC central campus, you need to purchase an NMSU parking sticker. Parking is free at the DACC- EMC, GEC and SLPK campuses.
• Enrolling in college courses is a big commitment! Dual credit provides many opportunities to pursue your interests. Just be careful to balance community college courses with your other academic and extracurricular activities.

Dual Credit - Admission Requirements
To be eligible for the Dual Credit Program, you must:
• be a high school junior or senior from one of the high schools or charter schools participating in DACC Dual Credit Program.
• be enrolled at least half-time in a school district that has a Dual Credit agreement with DACC
• must get approval from high school counselor to take dual credit courses
• maintain a minimum high school grade point average of 2.0
• pass two of three areas of the COMPASS Test, have a PSAT of 114 OR have an ACT composite of 15
• maintain a minimum grade point average of 2.0 in your dual credit courses to continue in the program